Change Management

Change Management

“In order to meet the competing interests of our multifaceted stakeholders and audiences, the communications community of the Government of the Northwest Territories needed a practical, compelling and outcome-driven approach to communications planning and change management. Ingenium’s expertise in change communications and their Results Map™ best practice methodology has given us just that.” – Zoe Raemer, Director, Corporate Communications – Government of the Northwest Territories

We partner with clients to drive successful organization change.

Ingenium’s approach to change management is strategic, integrated and collaborative.

Experience tells us that it’s futile to try to change people’s minds – the key is to work on changing the environment such that employees change their own minds. This philosophy underpins our successful track record in supporting clients through large-scale change – from the deployment of new technology, changes in process, restructuring or full organizational transformations.

Ingenium works in partnership with organizations undergoing change, helping to build capacity in change readiness and leadership. Our approach focuses on communications as the engine of change – on developing intentional opportunities for employees and stakeholders to understand the “felt need” of change, and creating shared meaning around the path forward.

We provide end-to-end services in change management, including:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching change leaders and managers
  • Capacity building in leading and working through change
  • Change communications
  • Performance measurement


Results Map for Change Management