The first cohort of the Institute for Strategic Communications & Change begins January 25, 2017.



An intensive, certificate-based leadership program providing an opportunity for professionals to gain new expertise and maximize their abilities through the latest best practices in strategic communications and change management.

The program is designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and insights needed to consistently deliver breakthrough results and stand out from the crowd. By building confidence, capability and know-how, participants are positioned to effectively drive outcomes within their organizations such as increased employee engagement, avoidance of risk exposure, enhanced organizational alignment, improved relevance among members or stakeholders and full realization of the benefits of change initiatives.

In our digital era of information overload where change is the new normal, a new set of abilities and tools is required. With the worlds of strategic communications and change management blurring, organizations need talent with fluency across both disciplines – communicators and change agents who can contribute through integrated, imaginative and results-based solutions.

The Institute for Strategic Communications & Change is the first professional development program that aims squarely at the point of intersection between these two traditional disciplines. It provides a unique forum to explore and experiment with strategies for elevating communications by applying best practices in change management, as well as avenues for driving change through approaches that are fueled by communications. 

Participants will be challenged by leading experts and each other, in an innovative, multi-faceted program that features intensive and interactive workshops, action learning, coaching, networking, practical work assignments and keynote speakers.

The challenge – and opportunity today is not just solving communications problems. It’s solving business problems through communications.